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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

I'm from Nvidia's SLI Zone forums and was directed to this thread by a member.

I voted: Yes; EVGA Standard Edition.


- Crashes during Crysis (from display driver to spontaneous reboot or a pratically unreadable BSOD with lots of vertical artifact bars).

- High core temps (duh) pretty fast (only witnessed ~90C when I was there and then quickly stopped the game as the automatic fan override kicked in @ 95% but wasn't able to do much about the temp (read: nothing)).

I have a CM690 case with 4 case fans plus mobo NB fan (I use no undeside fan as it would mess up the airflow I recon) and trust me when I say the casing feels cold as the arctic. GPU fan speed is @ 55% through RT. Idles @ ~40C but load is just ... well ... you know or I wouldn't be here ...

Tomorrow I'm getting an EVGA replacement and if it does the same I'm going XFX.

Funny thing; it worked fine for about a week (~77C in Crysis) and then all hell broke loose...

What should be good load temps during let's say Crysis?

EDIT: Just put the fan back @ stock (40%) to let the automated fan speed control handle it AS IT SHOULD and played Crysis for 10-15 minutes and wham; automatic reboot. I couldn't even see the temp.
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