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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Originally Posted by xorbe View Post
So it's been months and months now...

Nobody has ever described what the 8/9 series hardware lost that enabled the 6/7 series to be so much faster. Is it really a driver problem, or did the hardware lose something critical that X needs that can't readily be cured via the driver software?
Apparently it has lost dedicated 2d acceleration hardware (according to some). As a result all 2d operations are fed into the 3d engine (which should be more than capable...more so even). However drivers need to be written in a way to take advantage of this. The lack of dedicated 2d tho isn't an excuse as the radeon 2000 series seems to have pretty good 2d acceleration on open drivers (dunno about fglx...some say it's good too).

many complain about the cumbersome nature of x and acceleration..but the truth is that nvidia pretty much rips out all these apparently dodgy aspects and implements it's own. In many cases its better and in others not so much...
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