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Default Re: Problem using InitialPixmapPlacement=2

Originally Posted by aos101 View Post
I get this too, but it doesn't make any difference if I have desktop effects enabled or disabled (if anything it's worse with desktop effects enabled). I haven't tried playing about with InitialPixmapPlacement or anything. I did file a bug report at KDE wondering if it was anything they were doing:

I'm running an FX 5200. I've found a few people with this problem, as mentioned in the KDE bug report.
Well seems so. The issue with menus and windows is gone for me (hopefully for everyone, switched back from ubuntu to debian this weekend and after that it was gone )

btw. connected it to desktop effects because the problem only existed for menus on the plasma workspace and plasma seems to have always some kind of composite features.

Even the second problem (logout screen) is apparently not connected to nvidia.
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