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Unhappy Big Problems Down The Road?

I've posted to this thread a few times in the past. Almost a year ago now that I think about it. At the time I had noticed that it had been almost 2 years since this thread was started and still there were no Nvidia drivers for FreeBSD/AMD64. Like many of you, this completely blew me away. I never once thought there wouldn't be AMD64 support. I was so sure my card would just work, that I wiped my disk and installed BSD AMD64 without doing the research before hand.

A few days of using AMD64 BSD and I was in love, but 3D is important to me... I had to go back to i386

Recently I've been playing with ZFS on FreeBSD. I haven't had any issues, and know that in the future all my systems will use ZFS.

So here's is my latest thought.

What happens when ZFS shows up as an option in the BSD installer? Right now my only option is to waste half my ram, and run the very memory hungry ZFS in 2 gigs (i386)...


Because I'd rather not give up compiz, accelerated 3d, and all the other nice things that I get from the current Nvidia driver.

I see 21 pages of posts... Is there not someone we can contact to get this done? Google summer of code? Collect a Huge bounty? Get someone from Nvidia and someone from the BSD team talking and working towards a solution.

I see that most of you feel you have found a solution... ditch Nvidia! But that is not something I want to do. I have been an Nvidia fan for a VERY VERY VERY long time... and although I don't mind ATI... I'd still prefer to see an Nvidia AMD64 driver. I'm Canadian eh, so for me to pick Nvidia over ATI is a big deal

We need to get this issue resolved.

Someone in this forum must have access to higher ups. Even a point in the right direction would be a start!
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