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Default Re: To GTX 280....or 4870....

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
Well...i can finally buy either of these cards now from my local retail shop ><...

I feel the 4870 is more than enough, but i don't feel that its a card that can last some time...its 512MB of ram (Where the **** are those 1GB cards?!?!) seems like a real let down, once AA starts to play in..even though it has the power..if it runs out of ram its gonna run out of juice...

Also 4870 seems to have some ****ty drivers..and by that i mean AMD/ATi seem to really slack off in that department...i think it has issues in AoC?...and what eva the case...
You hit the jackpot in these two areas about the disadvantages of the 4870

The GTX280 is a more future proof sollution in my opinion even if it does not support DX10.1
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