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Default Re: PhysX Benchmarks for 280GTX

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
So? 50 frame are still 50 frames, very playable frame rate! I don't care about % values, frame rate values are the real deal.
I don't think you get the point...

18% is a lot, for some people, 18% might be the difference between choppy and not choppy. 18% might be the difference between 4x AA and 8x AA. 18% might be the difference between running at 1600x1200 or having to lower it to 1280x1024. 18% might mean the difference between high settings and very high settings. 18% can mean a lot.

Seems like GPU Physx is horribly inefficent compared to a Physx card's chip, but thats to be expected, though I didn't think it would be that much. However, if this was done on a 9800GTX+, then the GTX 280 might only take half that hit, 9%, since it has twice the floating point power. I say might because I'm not sure if it scales like that, but it seems logical.
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