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Default Genlock

I'm using 173.14.05 of the driver with two Quadro 5600s and a G-Sync option.

I have a Genlock signal going into the G-Sync and I've configured the G-Sync to receive (and use) this house sync (i.e. its a master and uses House Sync). I also put probes on the genlock signal and the Vsync signal on the output DVI cable.

In software, I'm then waiting on this to return timing as "true":


It is my understanding that after this returns true, the video card VSync should be sync-ed to genlock, however, comparing the Genlock signal and the VSync on the DVI, they sometimes are not yet sync-ed. It may take another 15 seconds for them to be sync-ed.

Is there some way to make sure that we are actually genlocked?

Paul P.
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