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Default Re: To GTX 280....or 4870....

Originally Posted by ScBlacksunshine View Post
The way how Nvidia dropped the price on the GTX 280 less then 2 weeks w/o giving customer any price protection pretty much is like a F*** U to all the people that bought the card first round That pretty much sour my experience with Nvidia's product....don't think I'll buying any of their product in the near future......

P.S. Even Apple was able to give their customers $100 rebate to early iphone adopter and keep in mind they didn't drop the price in 2 weeks....
Would be difficult as nvidia don't sell them direct, and the manufactures would never do it as there not making as much as they’d like on these cards as it is.
But the fairness, early adaptors knew the 4800 series was only weeks away, prices usually drop quite allot after launch anyway but then add a competitor’s product launch to the mix and you can expect further price drops, of course there may be a few noobs that were completely clueless that might be a bit bitter but it’s their own fault for not doing a little research.
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