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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Okay this is Furmark with the new EVGA card. I ran it for ~ 10 minutes and stopped when I saw it reaching 100C (very slowly) with 100% fan (automatic). Right away temps dropped rapidly and soon after so did the fan speed.

What would be your verdict? Good or faulty?


EDIT: This is from a session of Crysis for over 30 minutes I guess. No crashes and left the fan speed alone (it went to over 80% automatically when the temp was ~62C). Don't pay attnetion to the temp and fan speed it's showing in GPU-Z as I quit the game and both decrease extremely rapidly (the 64C was when I just pressed 'Quit'). Just look at the hardware monitor; to me this sound more right than my previous card. It did seem to have a bit more trouble with some parts in Assault? Or it could be just me?

If this card is good; maybe it's worth putting it in the bottom slot to get it away from the NB heatsink?
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