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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Originally Posted by xorbe View Post
As a design engineer I just have a hard time imagining what's going on here. A 16.7M color screen at 1920x1200 is just under 6.6 MB of data. My old 2.8GHz A64 (single core, agp 7800gs) has 7.8GB/s memory bandwidth (dual channel DDR500). AGP 4x/8x is 1-2GB/s.

Recent PCIe is 8GB/s, and DDR2-1066 is 8.3 GB/s per channel.

Where are the cycles/bandwidth being spent on X + 8/9 series cards that it can't compute 6.6 MB of 2D data in less than ~8 ms? It should be able to composite ~4 full 1920x1200 frames in that time, in software.
Yeah, it's weird, indeed.
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