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Default Re: To GTX 280....or 4870....

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
Are you sure? The hotfix works great for me, and it's a recommended upgrade (by ATI) for the 4000 series. The leaked 8.7 appear to be very problematic, but I though the hotfix was the best
Every 4000 series owner I hear from run the hotix drivers.

The 80c at idle is within spec. Fan hack if you want. It's not hard to do if it makes you feel better. You don't lose either way. They are looking at possible changes to fan speeds in upcomming drivers. I agree a little louder for a little cooler would be nice. But my eVGA 8800GT SC sat idle at 76c all the time and I never gave it a second thought. It went VERY close to 90c in Crysis every time. I never worried then either. My 4870 never goes beyond 84c under load.

For the price nothing touches the 4870. Period.

If we call nVidia driver support in games 100%? Then ATI is 99.5%. Ya. They are that close. I know because I run both all the time.

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