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Default Re: My 8800GTX vs 4870 tests

Originally Posted by Tho Jo Smale View Post
Excellent review Juanlo,

Too bad you don't have access to a GTX 260 to end the Flame war occurring in the the Geforce 200 series forum.

4870 and GTX260 at the same price become equal values. Then people can buy either company and be happy.

I am a buy the best bang for my buck kinda guy which is why I took an 8800GT over the 3870 last year and this round I have the 4870 over the GTX260.

At the same price? I might have gone ATI just to throw them some love for giving the entire gaming community a high end part at a mid range budget. They deserve something for that. That's how I felt about the 8800GT last year too.

Long live choice!

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