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Default Re: To GTX 280....or 4870....

Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
Are you sure? The hotfix works great for me, and it's a recommended upgrade (by ATI) for the 4000 series. The leaked 8.7 appear to be very problematic, but I though the hotfix was the best
There's a guy on the guru3d forums who has a pretty good rundown between the 8.6s and the hotfix. I've also seen both in action myself, and the performance on the hotfix drivers is worse than the official.

I think the main purpose of the hotfix was to improve crossfire and enable support for a few games, but I've seen performance suffer in several games on a single 4870 with those drivers.

Edit: Here's the thread I'm referencing. You'll need to scroll down to his second post.

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