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Default Re: Big Problems Down The Road?

Originally Posted by zBeeble42 View Post
That-all-said, there's been some talk here (that I haven't substantiated) that the open source 3D drivers for AMD's video cards work. If this is true, it would mean that however desirable the 64-bit requests nvidia has made are for any OS, there exists some way for 3D drivers to be written without them. This begs the question: what is the associated effort required?

It seems, from my time following this debacle, that nobody on the FreeBSD side has denied that the features requested by nvidia are both required and elsewise useful. It also seems, by the progress, that these features are fairly hard to implement.

I think the real question is: Is nvidia willing to break their unified driver architecture to support the rather miniscule market of FreeBSD AMD64 users?

It seems unlikely.

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