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There is a thread over at Rage 3d which is quite interesting, it appears as it would be that the card is quite power hungry (not suprising either 110 million tranisitors on a .15um with a 300+ mhz clock).

Now this problem esculates when in the one computer rig there are other serious power hogging components, CPU (Athlon!) Raid array Hard disks ect....

It was noted in this thread (cant be bothered posting url) that even with high wattage PSU there are still issues, it was raised that the +3volt and +5 volt railings could be a big problem.

Under full loads if the values of those railings falls to much, components arent provided with a constant stream of clean power hence maybe some of the lockups.

Not all issues are going to be associated with this, but if people have a real time monitor of there voltages in program then it could help to diagnose if this is a problem for some.

Hopefully the Nv30 wont require as much juice being on a .13um but being a 120+ million tranisitor part and high core clock rate may still cause some issues.

Just my thoughts sometimes its not always the drivers.
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