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Default Re: PhysX Benchmarks for 280GTX

Originally Posted by walterman View Post
Well, i think that nobody was expecting a higher framerate with Physx on the GPU. If you waste shading power in the PhysX calculations, your framerate will be lower. Anyway, with the many-cores architecture that intel is developing, i would prefer to keep the physics on the CPU & the gfx tasks on the GPU. Dividi et Venci
I suspect GPU physics is only temporary. When a CPU comes out that can handle it just fine they'll probably move back to the CPU to keep GPU performance up. I'd imagine that the successor to Nehalem with 512 bit vector instructions could do enough physics calculations on a single core, with easier programming than on a GPU. Thats two years away though, with larrabee they might just have a single x86 code for physics that can run on either the CPU or a larrabee GPU as needed.
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