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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Off the top of my head I can't recall model numbers, but my TV is a 40" Philips with the Ambilights and my 'reciever' is a LG HD STB with 250gb HDD. It just receives free to air HD as cable/satellite pricing here is a little crazy, even worse for the new HD stuff.

I run the co-ax from the STB to the TV, then from the TV to my 5500z. The PS3 and 360 both run optical to a digital switcher (cheap Joytech one) then to the 5500z. My HTPC uses the 3 plug analogue on the 5500z. Video, everything runs direct to the TV, HTPC and PS3 on HDMI, STB and 360 on component. I works ok for me, was cheap, but I'm pushing this setup to it's limits now. ::
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