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Glad you could pop in Brian.

I have a few questions though, mainly about how NVIDIA tried to reproduce the problem, and an overall analysis.

1. Which versions of NV35s did you guys test, and how many different AICs were ran through the test.

2. How many persons actually looked at the screen? The reason I'm asking is that not everyone can spot the difference. It is best to watch the screen from around 1 meter away.

3. How many different types of motherboards / HD's etc. were used? None of us have the same exact systems, so potential System specific problem is out of the question.

4. Were small apps such as D3DAFTester used in the investigation? You can notice the screen flicker only when you move the mouse.

By the way, anyone found offending and/or flaming NVIDIA PR, either here or via e-mail will be automatically banned. Be aware
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