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Default Re: Big Problems Down The Road?

I've read the Nvidia responses in the past... what I meant is no responses since I last logged on... the problem is there, I have read all of the posts, I am aware of the problem. The problem should not exist however. To me it sounds as if both sides are unwilling to work together. My goal is not to motivate Nvidia... or to start a "It's because of users like you... the ones that always go back to i386" discussion. I've said it in past posts... we need to get a bounty going for the BSD camp. We need the issues Nvidia has pointed out to be resolved... once this is done, there will be no excuses! If someone can set it up, or if someone mentions they are interested... I will be the first one to donate... As for the minuscule FreeBSD AMD64 market... it's because of problems like this that no one wants to go to AMD64. When you have a choice between a stable working OS, or an OS that appears to have issues and less support... what's the motivation to make the switch?
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