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Default Re: To GTX 280....or 4870....

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Make sure that you use the 8.6 officials for it--not the hotfix or the 8.7 (which is for the X2). These are the best performing drivers out for the card at the moment.

You'll also want to refer to the fan fix in the "other graphics" section here, because the fan currently throttles down too low and causes the card to run hot. Fixing the fan speed will keep it idling nice and cool (~45-50C.)
Thanks, not a 100% sure i can get the card this might be Monday ...

Will keep an eye on the guru3d link you mentioned. Afik the hotfix was suppose to fix some issues in games...

Fan hack is defiantly the first thing i am doing. Fan speed sound is no issue for me...i use headphones to game with. & i run my GX2 on 100% fan speed during gaming..and that's 2 tiny fans in there...

Can't wait..i should get a pretty huge boost coming up from my 7950gx2.

wow there is defeantly something wrong with the 8.6 hot fix lol..look at the min fps on cod4 results..
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