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Default Re: Devil May Cry PC Demo Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mike89 View Post
Huh? So if one doesn't like a game and the control interface, and doesn't want to switch to an interface he doesn't like, to play a game he doesn't like, that is ignorant?

The game is also ignorant in not having the controls for a PC game. After all it's supposed to be a PC game. If a game is going to be made (or ported) to a PC, then is should be made to play on a PC, not having to import a console game controller to play it. I wouldn't complain about an Xbox game not being able to be played with keyboard and mouse.

I've also complained about every other PC game that doesn't have proper mouse/keyboard support (as I'm a PC gamer). I guess all those complaints were ignorant too. Jeez, you could have come up with a better argument than that without having to throw in the "ignorant" comments.
You can compare it to other specific genres. Would you argue that all flight simulators are better to play with kb/m than a joystick? Are realistic racing games better with kb/m than a driving wheel?

It's the exact same thing on consoles. Gamepad is the standard controller but there are still games which would be better played with other controllers. Fighting games are better played with arcade sticks. You got the same thing with realistic flight simulators and racing games. FPS games would be better played with kb/m but unfortunately console gamers don't have a choice there.

I don't see what's so wrong with certain PC games being played better with a gamepad. At least we have the choice to play any game with almost any controller. And DMC4 just happens to be played best with a gamepad.
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