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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Hi all... this is a sad place for me... I have been banging my head against a brick wall for a a while now trying to get my card to work well in Hardy 8.04.
Card details as follows
Galaxy 512 GeForce 8600 GT, driver.... what ever I can find to work on the day... latest the back to NV , I have tried to get answers fron the great site and all there have been very helpful but I stumbled across this thread and my hopes were dashed..

These are the symptoms of my machine..
I am using Ubuntu Hardy and update every day.

Installing the drivers with the " system.... hardware drivers , or Envy or direct from Nvidia do not have stability.
My system still freezes randomly... only the mouse can move but that is it, keyboard locks up so I have to do a hard reset ( I hate doing that)
The system is most stable when I use the NV drivers from " applications... other ... screens & Graphics"
My card is a Galaxy GeForce 512Mb-8600 Gt Nvidia card... I assume that the manufacturer makes no difference as long as it is a Nvidia chip.
I would like to start using the extras visual effects but I need the 3d acceleration stuff and as soon as this is enabled by downloading the drivers my system becomes unstable. Just a side note I had to set my monitor to a generic LCD panel 1280x1024 because If I let the software detect it ( Viewsonic VG700-b) I loose the edges in the longin screen and have to use the F10 option to change sessions if I need to. ( I would term this Distorted Display at longin)
I thought it was only when I enabled Compiz but after crashing there I removed it and had no visual effects.... still froze, my temperature seems to be about 42 to 44 degree C
What I see just before it locks up is a flicker or 2 on the screen, then it's all over this happens about 1 min from when the herron desktop picture shows up. I had to go in on recovery mode and got the x org something to reconfigure ..... now stable but no compiz stuff.
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