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Originally posted by volt
You can notice the screen flicker only when you move the mouse.
On my nVidia 5900 Ultra review sample (the long pre prod pcb) I get the flickering all the time.
It looks like the gamma is changing values from say -1 to 0 to 1 then back to 0 then -1 and reapeat.
It changes every 2-20 seconds.

It mostly just happens in 2d but in 3d too though the "intervals" seem longer.

I also get strange noise whenever I use my mousewheel. (as in the computer makes sounds, but I'm having a hard time figuring out if the noise comes from the speakers, monitor, videocard or some other component).
I had similar problems when I ran a VIA + SoundBlaster combo a few years ago. At that time I fixed the problem with a third party patch for VIAs drivers supposed to fix some latency problems IIRC.

Though as I've mentioned in other threads. From my experience this ONLY happens to the ones with the nVidia reference design.
Boards I've tested built on custom PCBs (tried Gainward, ABIT and Inno3D as of yet) haven't had these problems.

I wasn't aware that ATi were also effected, does anyone know which boards?
Edit: forgive me I'm an idiot. Just saw Brians link to Rage3D.

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