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Default Re: Guys GTX280 and GTX260 is dropping big time on newegg

Originally Posted by Dreamingawake View Post
lol actually that would probably motivate them further, not shut them down..
The other way around. If they paid attention to them then they would do what that person suggested or say, yeah what i'm doing doesn't make sense so i will quit working on. The bottom line they didn't give a **** about morons around them. 5 years ago i was saying that todays HDD will be replaced with what SSD is and slowly is getting there, and of course people laughed (no grasp for reality crap). Guess i was right, just like i'm saying that in 25 years we will be running terminals at home, connected and services we pay for entertainment, games, programs will be provided by powerfull servers. Two key words; CONTROL, MONEY.
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