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Default Re: Guys GTX280 and GTX260 is dropping big time on newegg

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
Actually i really do. GTX260 on 256bit mem bus is possible with 512mb. See if all those brains like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein listened the morons like you who were telling them "You have no grasp of reality do you?, they would not accomplish anything...
So who is this case the Einstein ?
Is it the NVIDIA for pricing the 200 series cards so high even though they new long time before about the AMD/ATI 4000 series pricing and performances?
Was there really a need to make lots off early loyal buyers not to happy about that?

Or is it you the Einstein with all off yours long time prediction (most off them already happened), who could not predict than in only about 2 weeks after introduction the 200 series is going to drop price big time?
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