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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by hemmy View Post
What exchange rate...a USD is still worth slightly more than a CAD
Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
CAD $289 = USD $285.

Big savings.

I remember back in the day when I could buy hockey jerseys in Ontario for CAD $40. That was when the exchange rate was like US $1 = CAD $1.50. The same jerseys in the US were $50. Good times.
You two must be yungins... (no disrespect intended).

You have to understand that with the CAD exchange rate being even close to USD is a victory to a canuck hardware buyer from back in the day. Believe me. It seems paultry to you perhaps but maybe a decade of 70 cents on the dollar would give you a different point of view.

Had the 4870 come out 2 years ago? I would have had to pay more like $399. Hahaha. In general we always could add $100 - $150 to a video card to pick one up in Canuck land.

I guess you'd have to suffer through that to appreciate price parity. Until recently, Canadians were gouged and gouged hard on computer parts even on top of the 70 cents on the dollar crap we dealt with for years.

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