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Default Re: My 8800GTX vs 4870 tests

Originally Posted by cvearl View Post
4870 and GTX260 at the same price become equal values. Then people can buy either company and be happy.

I am a buy the best bang for my buck kinda guy which is why I took an 8800GT over the 3870 last year and this round I have the 4870 over the GTX260.

At the same price? I might have gone ATI just to throw them some love for giving the entire gaming community a high end part at a mid range budget. They deserve something for that. That's how I felt about the 8800GT last year too.

Long live choice!

You know, I totally agree. I just bought a 4870 for their competition....I mean, look at nvidia drop their pants now (prices) that ATI has a good product, that's sick. I hated the super high prices nvidia was doing...maybe ATI would do the same thing (probably) if they were tops, but still, I have no problem supporting the underdog in the competition given that the overall result is much more affordable video cards.
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