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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

As the owner of both a 280GTX and 2 4870's in Crossfire, I disagree. The 280 GTX is worth as much as 2 4870's. With the 280GTX you get the fastest single chip solution available, meaning you avoid all the SLi/Crossfire issues. Also 2 4870's generate an incredible amount of heat and require a power supply even greater than that a 280GTX requires. I thought my 280GTX was a hot running card when I first bought it, but it is nothing compared to 2 4870's. The 2 4870s idle at 80 degrees all the time!

4870's in Crossfire has too many issues... I have had to totally rework the airflow in my case, it warms my entire room, it eats up a crazy amount of electricity, and doesn't work properly with some games.

I am much more satisfied with the $650 I spent on my 280GTX than the $600 I spent on my 2 4870s (the total cost is even more considering I had issues with my 975x board in Crossfire and had to get a x48 board).

With the 280GTX you just play what you want to play (assuming you don't get one with overheating issues). With 4870 Crossfire, you spend more time working on getting stuff working than playing.
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