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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
The GTX 280 offers 1 gigabyte of memory. Which is a very sound and future proof investment. I am already seeing alot of games suffering on 512 cards. Both the GTX 260 and 280 have alot of leg room in regards to memory.

I just dont see the 280 going for 400 dollars with 1 gig of memory under its belt. Thats the kind of thing you pay premiums for. Personally the card that continues to impress me is the 260. It basically has that and a bag of chips going for it at its current price range. It simply confounds me that people haven't seen the value of a 896 Meg 448 bit card for 299 dollars. Specially when games like Crysis are already exceeding 512 megs of memory at 1600x1200 with VH and AA enabled.

The question, though, is if this "512 meg" ceiling is overadvertised by Nvidia and its promoters in order to redirect consumers toward the GTX line.

I've looked at a lot of benches so far and very rarely seen a case where this is a disadvantage for the 4870. I think that people are overlooking the amount of total memory bandwidth it has (which is actually more than GTX260) and focusing too much on VRAM capacity. At higher resolutions with high amounts of AA applied, overall memory bandwidth also plays a key factor in how a card scales.

Something else that's being overlooked in the VRAM discussion is the improvement ATI has made with AA. It appears the 4870 handles it better than the GTX line which would also play a factor.

Oblivion at 1920x1200, 8xAA:

Source: Anandtech (

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