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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by cvearl View Post
As a long time PC Gamer I have been having a blast watching all the new cards hit the scene and the recent price drops. It's been an exciting month!

After now reading a bazilion reviews for the AMD 4870 and 4850 and getting a 4870 myself, I have turned my attention to the GTX200's. Mainly because I like to own one of each camp and the GTX260 has been of great interrest to me. I enjoy being able to compare cards side by side.

That said, I still have a huge problem with the pricing structure out there. Even in light of price drops. The GTX200's HAVE to come down more!

I have been reading reviews on the GTX200's alot. They are great cards! The release of the 4000 series from AMD do NOT make them any less of a card. However, given current market conditions in the various segments, they are too costly still for what you get.

Here is my take on where the current line up needs to be to be a good value and competative. My suggested MSRP's...

9800GTX - $189
GTX260 - $299
GTX280 - $399

I did not include 9800GTX+ becuase it offers nearly nothing over the existing 9800GTX besides a touch lower power consumption. The 9800GTX was fine with a simple price adjustment. That was all that was needed.

Anyone not agree with this? And do we think nVidia will be able to?

Those prices seem alright excepte for the GTX280... I think it's should be closer to $499 honestly... it's a pretty powerful card... just not $650 powerful if you follow my meaning.

After the 4870X2 is released the GTX280 will not longer be the performance champ IMO. So it should be priced accordingly. I also don't think the 4870X2 will be significantly faster than the GTX280, therefore it should not cost significantly more. I can see the GTX280 going for $550 tops, with the 4870X2 going for right about the same price, if not $600.

Though, if nVidia did drop the price on the GTX280 to $400 I'd be extremely tempted to buy two (and eventually a third). Afterall, I did shell out $900 on launch day for my two 640MB GTSs and to this day the performance those two cards offer is still hard to beat. You want to talk about a good investment, Chris. I'm sure the same could be said about the GTX280s (and even 260s) if the price is right. Though if nVidia dropped the GTX280 to $400, they might have a hard time selling the GTX260 if it stayed at $300. In that case the GTX260 might need to come down to about $250 to remain attrative. Anyhow, at these price points I'm sure nVidia wouldn't be making any money on the cards, so I doubt they'll ever go that low in the near future. Atleast not untill GT200b (the die shrink).

What surprises me, is that nVidia has dropped prices like crazy on the GT200 cards, yet AMD hasn't allowed their prices to budge. If they don't lower prices soon, with the rate nVidia is slashing prices the 4800 series might lose their advantage.
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