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Originally posted by Malfunction
I was just curious how many people that are having this problem don't have their system (PSU atleast) hooked up to a Uninterruptable Power Supply that has a built in Line conditioner.

I had to get one for my system because there is so much line noise in the wiring of this old house. On top of the fact I live in SoCal, suprising we haven't had any power outages this summer so far.
This is an interesting thought. I don't have a UPS for my system, but our electricity in good 'ol Naperville is exceptionally clean. My tower is plugged directly into my wall, and my monitor is in a (cheap) surge protector. Worked just fine with any and all video cards I've owned recently.

And for the record, here's my complete system specs:

AthlonXP 2400+ @ 2200 MHz (210x10.5)
Abit NF7-S revision 1.2
1 GB Mushkin PC3200 DDR
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
US Robotics 56K modem
SMC 802.11b ethernet card
2x Western Digital 80 GB hard drives
Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-RW
Lite-On 48126S CD-RW
5 case fans
Leadman/Powmax 500W PSU (don't have the voltage ratings offhand)
Hitachi CM174 17-inch LCD

I have to wonder if part of these problems might be caused by unclean electricity, especially if the issue affected both ATI and NVIDIA users. With today's modern cards being so power hungry perhaps a UPS is a solution.
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