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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

There is a few who don't have to pay those high prices like Jakup who gets them for free or for little and maybe takin out of his pay.

There a few who work for the man and with proper negotiations can have stuff payed for by taking out of their paychecks weekly.

I worked for a recycler who gets 22 inch CRT's and were selling them for 250 at the time and i was getting one for 25 a week out of my pay but back to topic.

This is getting to be like it should and how it used to be.

Fx 5950 was 399 and so was 9800 XP at the time and they had lessor versions cards fro much less.

Since the 6800 Ultra and een 7800's Nvidia got greedy charging 600 bucks for something thats worth half that.

markup is to much involved here and even online prices are to high.

Go straight to the goats mouth and get them a factory cost probably a third less than Newegg.
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