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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
The GTX 280 offers 1 gigabyte of memory. Which is a very sound and future proof investment. I am already seeing alot of games suffering on 512 cards. Both the GTX 260 and 280 have alot of leg room in regards to memory.

I just dont see the 280 going for 400 dollars with 1 gig of memory under its belt. Thats the kind of thing you pay premiums for. Personally the card that continues to impress me is the 260. It basically has that and a bag of chips going for it at its current price range. It simply confounds me that people haven't seen the value of a 896 Meg 448 bit card for 299 dollars. Specially when games like Crysis are already exceeding 512 megs of memory at 1600x1200 with VH and AA enabled.

Crysis though is an example of an engine that when you DO go to a level that needs beyond 512MB framebuffer, the GPU of a GTX260 can't deliver playable framerates.

I guess someone can bench Crysis here that has a GTX260? Please bench 1600x1200 Very High DX10 in Crysis 4xAA 16xAF and let us know the result. I can run the same test on my 4870 to throw that in. I can't overclock my C2D8400 though. So no crazy clocked rigs please.

I am not challenging anyone. I am just curious. I know my 4870 will tank. Curious how the extra mem on the GTX260 will effect the outcome.

I can and will get a 1GB card next year I am sure though. Not hard to do when I only paid $289 for this one.

As GPU's reach the point where they CAN deliver 1GB worth of rendering at 40 fps or higher, 1GB obviously will be a nessesity.

Also to discount the 4870 as ONLY having 512MB RAM at it's current performance levels as it has demostrated makes all 8800 and 9800 series cards junk and unplayable by comparison? I don't think so. I would have no problem recommending the $200 9800GTX 512Mb to anyone. Powerful card for sure.

But I think there is one area I agree with you on. IF you are a 1920x1200 gamer and like AA and AF with maxed out settings in games to come throughout 2009? You better buy all the card you can afford. I would not expect todays $300 cards to do well in that arena. GTX260 or 4870 regardless of RAM. I really think those 2 cards are for the 22" and below sector (1680x1050 or 1600x1200 and lower).

24" LCD's for new gen engines? Better get a GTX280 and beyond as months go by. Unless they make Warhead, Clearsky and Alan quake really really efficient somehow.

24" LCD's and bigger have ALWAYS needed a $500+ video unit behind it for current gaming.

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