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I own Radeon 9700pro, and there was no such problems ever. Hardly I know anybody who had the flickering problems using either ATI of NVIDIA card. I think that some people who got this issue is related to interference from other equipement most likely by second monitor. This issue I can simulate by using two screens 17" emachines and KDS XFLAT XF9-b for example. So, the problem is not related to video card, in this case GFX 5900.

It's really pissing me off when some 'people who needs a basic education' by posting their stupid problems, causes missunderstanding and all they do is complaining and so on...

I know the man who complained to me about low performance of his computer during the gaming. Guess what! That genius was running adobe photoshop, mirc, and download accelerator at the same time when he played the game. What a case!
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