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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by cvearl View Post
Crysis though is an example of an engine that when you DO go to a level that needs beyond 512MB framebuffer, the GPU of a GTX260 can't deliver playable framerates.

I guess someone can bench Crysis here that has a GTX260? Please bench 1600x1200 Very High DX10 in Crysis 2xAA 16xAF and let us know the result. I can run the same test on my 4870 to throw that in. I can't overclock my C2D8400 though. So no crazy clocked rigs please.

I can and will get a 1GB card next year I am sure though. As GPU's reach the point where they CAN deliver 1GB worth of rendering at 40 fps or higher, 1GB obviously will be a nessesity.

A single GPU might not be able too. But a multi GPU can. Once you start looking at multi GPU. The situation becomes even more problematic because you hamstring hardware potential by the limits of its memory.

These are benchmarks I took today as I am preparing my 9800GTX + preview. This graph is actually part of that preview. But its interesting because it specifically illustrates the problem.

P.S ignore the 16xAF. It doesnt work with very high. Its just forced through the control panel.
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