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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

I dont know? How is tossing GDDR5 with a 256 bus focusing on bandwith anymore than GDDR3 with a 448 Bit bus?
It's not. My perspective was that GDDR5 is more expensive, and ATI could've spent that money to increase VRAM and going with a higher bus, instead.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
I'm not going to get into a cherry picked benchmark war with you. Your completely missing the point. You dont need to justify your 512 meg cards to me.
"Cherry picked?" You need to drop the gloves a little. I could pick practically any benchmark on that site (or many others) to show how well Crossfire scales at 2560x with or without AA.

I told you before that I understand how VRAM works, yet you felt compelled to go off on another tangential graphics lesson. All I am saying is that, at this point in the game, this "512 meg" thing seems to be overstated--at least when it comes to the 4800 series. We have a ton of games on the market running at the highest possible resolution with high amounts of AA, and it's not even phasing these cards. Whether or not it will in the near future, we will have to wait and see.

And I'm not trying to justify my "512 meg" cards to you. Like I care? If I really cared what you thought about me then I would've bought a pair of Nvidia cards, wouldn't I?

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