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Default Re: GTR Evolution [simbin]

I got GTR2 GOTY edition and it is great. I also got a G25 and it's real hard in simulation mode. I was playing the japanese GT5 prologue demo on the PS3 and it was much easier in comparison. I think I'll need to dial down the settings in GTR2 a bit. When you go off road you have to really play around with the clutch and gas to even get out of the sand areas when you leave the track. I have to say if GTR Evolution is going to be similar, I'll definitely pick it up.

The G25 Wheel is excellent I highly recommend it. Though the one thing I don't like is how the pedals are hooked up to the wheel. It's a PITA to move because once they are connected, you can only go so far with the wheel + pedals because of the wires. The pedals should really have been given a quick release way to remove the wire so that it wouldn't be so awkward when moving it around. With the wire being mounted underneath the wheel it makes it real annoying to move from my computer to my PS3. Though the PS3 sucks because I have no way to mount the G25 to a table so it's on a plank of wood on my lap.

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