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Default Re: Free Return to EQ and EQ2

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I loved EQ1, it was the best game because it was so focused on grouping. You talk about the XP loss like it was a bad thing, it was something you feared so you played carefully. In modern MMORPGs you have the developer holding your hand throughout the entire game... I feel like god in WoW because if I die it doesn't affect me...
Depends how one dies. People who die in stupid ways inside instances can be uneffected if they have flame proof suits :d That said, and oh man; that was just ridiculous. Made the mistake of largely PuGing kara again, except for 1 other guildie who was organizing it, and I guess a couple people he knew. I can't believe chain wipes on maiden of all things; and for the same stupid reason.

The 2 palies just would not dispel, and then started having major drama over who dispels. Both insisted the other do it Oh, but it didn't end there. One of the pallies who was involved in this drama, then started DCing a lot, and when off for a very long time got removed from raid with another person invited. Only problem, he made it back before the other person could be summoned, and more drama. So the person stood there in the instance, un-partied, demanding that it isn't his fault he's capped, and if he's gonna get removed from group for capping, he'll hold up the instance so no one can do it. After about 20 minutes of him in /s; people finally started to port out, very unhappy and some saying it's time to report him to the game masters for physical harassment (though in raid chat, not where he'd have seen it). His last words

time to get my axis buddies in here, and steal your kara from all of you
All I can say is, that's one guy to never run with again. Besides lost badges for the week (up to maiden only is rather bad), after all that; well I among others just simply didn't have time to wait this all out. It was about 2 hours before invites for black temple would begin. Man, I really do miss the fun times Gilthanas and I had together, though he no doubt believes otherwise.
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