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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

I dont see how you conclude that I stated the differences were only due to memory. I was speaking in broad terms over broad amounts of hardware which often overlapped in performance. Lets say my 2 9800GX2 cards verses my 2 GTX 280 cards. The GTX 280 cards offered a much better overall experience. Despite them being close in performance when the memory wasnt the bottleneck. 9800GX2 Quad SLI scaling was never the problem. It was the fact that its memory artificially hamstringed it from producing ideal results.

If you saw my 9800GTX + investigation.

You would see that I consistently pointed out that the 9800GTX + offered higher framerates. Yet I still wouldnt reccomend it over a single GTX 280 because it offers a more consistent experience. It's not bull to say that having more memory offers a more consistent experience in most cases. Especially in comparison to 512 cards. 512 meg cards are already suffering at the 1920x1200 + resolutions. It's not that far off till they start suffering at the 1600x1200 ones. And they do in some cases with 8xQ/16xQ AA. Or in games such as Crysis. You can see it several times in

You can see it here too.

I had to consistently cut out tests such as 16xQ because the cards wouldnt even start or the performance was so bad it was unable to complete the benchmarks.

Even at 1920x1080 at high setting the 512 cards were unable to provide a consistent experience in Crysis. UT3 and Age of conan crashed. Fear crashed with 16xQ or 8xQ. All with settings that were limited by 512 megs of framebuffer. I have no need to generalize when I have tested this extensively. Which unfortunately made the 9800GX2 look better than it was in some cases. But what can you do when the 512 meg cards cant finish the tests due to consistently running out of memory or not being able to load settings because they exceed the framebuffer. The way I see it. 512 cards in the coming year are on their way out. Specially as newer titles come out that start using bigger and larger textures. I consider buying a 512 card now and hoping it'll last a reasonable amount of time a gamble. I expect them to represent the low end in the not too distant future.

This was never meant to be a ATI verses Nvidia discussion to me. Heck I didnt even bring up ATI here. I base my opinions and prejudice on Nvidia hardware as I use it extensively and and my thoughts on the GTX 260 being an extremely good deal were based on those prejudice.
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