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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Considering my entire point was. Dual GPUS are where the memory gains are most prominent. I really dont see how you can say that comparing memory usage in SLI configurations to be bad tests. They arent. The 9800GTX + failing at 1680x1050 has absolutely nothing to do with its ability to scale. This can be seen in single "AND" multi GPU enviroments.

In this test. Crysis nearly scaled 100%. Yet was still limited by its framebuffer.

At a lower resolution it did not have that problem.

The data is right in front of your eyes. Yet you guys keep dismissing it like its non existent. Once again. I'm not the one who brought up ATI here. My previews and articles dont mention ATI. My views and perspective had nothing to do with ATI. The fact is 512 megs of memory can be a real bottleneck. And when looking at the Nvidia lineup. The GTX 260 is a pretty sweet deal. This insatiable desire you guys have to include ATI into that conclusion is completely beyond me. When I looked at the title of this thread. I read "The Right price for the GTX200 family" You guys are making something out of nothing by consistently bringing ATI into this. When I personally could care less.
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