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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Thank you so much, Chris. It's a lot more than I expected, and you explaiend it easy enough for me to understand. Let me confirm this, with regard to G80 vs G92.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
Running out of memory is completely unrelated to the two though. The 8800 GTX had a large bandwith advantage over the 9800GTX. But it didnt always translate into better performance despite its superior pixel and bandwith. Typically when the 9800GTX failed in comparison to the 8800GTX it was actually the memory bottlenecking the card.
So, the reason why G92 sometimes shows inconsistent performance vs G80 (seemingly memory related) is the size of frame buffer, rather than its bandwidth? Relatively speaking.

Thank you again.
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