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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Originally Posted by lopri View Post
I do understand what you're trying to say with regard to absolute amount of frame buffer. But the problem with NV cards is as if, for whatever reason, they hit their own memory limit before they get to that absolute amount of memory required. If you could explain to me, for example, why I can play Oblivion @2560x1600/8AA with a HD 4870 but 8800 GTX has a hard time handling (plus stuttering) 2560x1600/4AA even with x1.5 times of RAM.
It's possible that this type of situation could also be related to the differences in compression technology that ATI and NVIDIA employ. It would be interesting to conduct memory usage tests between the 4870 and GTX 280 using a program that reports video memory usage like VidMemWatch or RivaTuner.
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