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Default Re: My 9600GT "Benchmarks"

Originally Posted by MisterMister View Post
IC. Yes, I didnt know there was a non SLI version of that board. You learn something new every day it seems.

Anyway, did you give that link a once over? Its pretty sweet that the 9600GT is one of the ONLY PCI-E cards which actually gain a performance increase by OCing the PCI-E bus clocks in the BIOS. That's pretty bad ass IMO.
Yea, I've seen that link before. I tend to avoid overclocking until I'm starting to get a desire to upgrade. Like I said, I'm not only impressed at the overall performance of my system, but I'm flat out shocked at how this 9600GT performs. I was expecting a marginal boost from the 8600GT at best. There will come a time I'll feel the urge to upgrade. When that time comes, I'll probably OC as much as I can.
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