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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Yet its not an opinion. Its math. It's clearly obvious. And if you've done nothing but make snide comments at me and remarks and argue semantics with me. Heck even Nvidia says the problem's I've encountered in these tests are memory related. I wish I had the luxury of 1 liner staw man semantical arguments. The data is clearly in front of you.. But instead of talking about the data in question. You attack the person presenting it because you have nothing else to go on. Good Game Medion. Good Game. I'll just run around on forums and start making things up like. "High bandwith mitigates the need for memory footprint!" It seems to work for some people.
You're on the defensive, and whining, just as I predicted. Ready for another 2 week vacation? Seriously, I've explained to you why your tests are invalid. You're one of those guys who is incredibly book smart, dare I say brilliant, but common sense just escapes you at times. Look at your own data. No **** a GTX280 is faster than a 9800GTX! That's not rocket science!

If you want to say that memory bandwidth is the reason for X, Y, or Z, then you need to eliminate variables A through W. You need to take the exact same cards with 2 different memory configs, SLI them, and run at high res with high AA. Stress the memory alone. Using different cards leads to different results that are not exclusively based on memory.


CR has more knowledge of this stuff in his left testicle than 3/4 of the people on this forum (myself included).
I know this forum has some serious CR fanboys. Unfortunately, he feels that his intelligence makes him better than others, and he belittles others for it. His attacks on Xion were not necessary.
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