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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Except. I havent just been using the 9800GTX + as an example. I've used multiple examples. Stating problems with 512 cards and comparing it to 896 Meg cards, ((GTX 260)) 768 meg cards((8800GTX)) and 1 gig cards ((GTX 280)) and compared it to multiple configurations. My 16xQ/8xQ problems with games crashing. Your either not understanding it or burying your head in the sand regarding it because it doesnt jive with your what you think.

Running out of memory is the "Easiest" thing in the world to test. Because framerate plummets and large micro stuttering are easily observed in any situation that it happens. In some cases titles won't even run.

1) I have showed resolution scaling of the memory problem on multiple tests and platforms.
9800GTX, 8800GT, 9800GX2 and 8800GTX

9800GX2. verses GTX 260 verses GTX 280.

2) You have completely dismissed my points where these problem consist consistently such as 16xQ/8xQ hard crashes on the 512 meg configurations. Specially as the AA memory consumption is raised. Please offer another explanation. I'd really be innterested in the explanation for this one.

3) The Framebuffer consumption formula that I posted. Which is consistent with the rest of the data I have illustrated here.

And what have you done? Oh wait. You tell me my data cant be taken at face value because the cards tested are different. I never said that the memory was the only attribute to performance differences between. But ALL the data in these specific circumstances point to the memory being inadequate. Its funny you mention common sense. Because common sense here should prevail. But clearly it hasn't with you.

I know this forum has some serious CR fanboys. Unfortunately, he feels that his intelligence makes him better than others, and he belittles others for it. His attacks on Xion were not necessary.
Thats such a load of crap. The only thing that annoys me is people who pull figures out of their hind quarters. Like some people here are choosing to do. And when confronted with facts and figures. Bury their heads in the sand. Like your choosing to do. This is not a question of whether or not I think I'm smarter than you. Its an annoyance on how you've gone out of your way to ignore the data and just attack the person presenting it. I especially love your 2 week vacation thing. As a matter of fact. I wont/dont post at rage3d anymore. And my vacation was requested by the folks at Nvidia due to the fact that I had been worked to the bone during all my free time for the last 4 months with consecutive product releases. Now I'll just wait for the typical uninformed "You get your hardware for free".

I really must congradulate you. You've managed to take a thread about memory consumption with facts and figures. And make it about me. Like I said. Good Game Medion.
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