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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Except. I havent just been using the 9800GTX + as an example. I've used multiple examples. Stating problems with 512 cards and comparing it to 896 Meg cards, ((GTX 260)) 768 meg cards((8800GTX)) and 1 gig cards ((GTX 280)) and compared it to multiple configurations.
OMG, you're still not grasping it! Those are different cards! Speed differences are not just due to memory, but overall power of the card in different areas! If you want to test the effects of memory, and only memory, you have to use the same exact card with different memory configs!

It is such a simple concept, and you just cannot seem to grasp it! Like I said Chris, you're technically brilliant, but sometimes common sense just seems to escape you.
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