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Default Re: The right price for the GTX200 family...

Control measures? The benchmarks are what they are. I'm perfectly open to discuss how they are done. Now your accusing me of fabricating benchmarks? I urge anyone with a 512 Nvidia card to test the conditions I have represented and tell me everything works fine and dandy.

So. Prove me wrong.

Show me UT3 running @ 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 with 8xMS or 16xQ without issue and crashes.

Show me FEAR running @ UT3 @ 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 with 8x MQ or 16xQ without issues and crashes.

Show me NWN2 running @ 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 with 8x MS or 16xQ Enhanced AA without maximum details without issues.

Show me Crysis running @ Very High with 4xAA/16xAA and then compare the performance drop off between 1680x1050 and on 512 megs. Next do it with high and compare the performance drop off between 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. I'm talking about in gamme results and not canned time demos.

Next put a 768 Meg card, 896 or 1 gigabyte card, And show me the same. ((You wont reproduce that one)). Yes there are work arounds to all these conditions and problems, But they are compromises to lesson the framebuffer load. When your spending 500 + on Multi GPU setups. You dont pay that kind of money to compromise on things like texture or shadow quality just because your framebuffer cant handle it. On these setups. I had to make compromises to even quality or HQ at times. To make them even remotely comparable benchmarks with existing products. I could easily have made every 512 card there was fall to its knees and do what the 9800GTX + is doing in Crysis. But I chose not to do that to give the 9800GX2 a fair shake so that "artificial" limitation didnt make the game look 400% slower on the 9800GX2 when compared to the GTX 280. Sometimes you have to make sacrafices to ensure valid comparisons. And I'm certain other reviewers have had to do it too. The 9800GTX + SLI is easily faster than the GTX 280 in any mode where it doesnt have to compromise on its framebuffer. But that doesnt make it a more ideal solution.

You guys may think there's no market for these resolutions. But there is. And people do use them.

Yeah, that gets me too. Like those who post subjective benchmarks (with their own name on them, for example) with a control measure consisting of entirely different architectures.
I put my name on my benchmarks because I spend alot of time on them. Its no different than anandtech putting anandtech on their graphs. So people know where the data is from. Its pretty common practice.

It's all good. I lost respect for this guy a while back when he sent me a PM on Rage3D cursing me like an army sergeant because he didn't like how I disagreed with him on a certain topic.
I cant help but chuckle. Werent you the one who said you wanted to remain civil. You have been anything but civil to me in every encounter I have ever had with you. You are unwilling to talk about the data I am discussing. So you just choose to bag me.

I think argueing about a $289 - $319 card's memory limitations in extreme situations is kind of silly. The GTX260 is not really going to have all that much advantage in that regard. By the time 512MB is not mainstream enough to enjoy a title on 22" LCD, new cards will be out anyway. The 8800GTX's dominance since 2 years ago was not it's RAM it was how incredibly freaking powerfull it's GPU is. As evidenced by this years G92 varients in the same games at the same settings.
Your right. If your buying 1 card and sticking with 4x MSAA @ 1680x1050 resolution You are unlikely to encounter many problems with most software. At least not within the given 1 year time frame. Lets assume 1 card purchase is a 1 year investment. But if you buy 2. Then your automatically doing so in an attempt to either raise the settings or the resolutions. In which case multi GPUing a buncha 512 cards is silly. Their potential in fillrate is limited by their total available framebuffer. With regards to the 8800GTX. Yes its a good card. But the 9800GTX + is easily faster than it in settings that dont hamper its framebuffer. Once that framebuffer is exceeded. The 8800GTX pulls far ahead of the 9800GTX despite the 9800GTX's superior shading capabilities and bandwith saving color compression,
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