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Default Rough Times All Around For The GPU Crew

The new GTX 2xx series is not selling as well or for as much as anyone predicted. The reviews and subsequent price drops tell the tale: NVIDIA's most expensive GPU yet simply doesn't perform well enough compared to AMD's latest parts to justify the price NVIDIA was targeting. What will be AMD's boon is NVIDIA's loss, a great deal of GPU profit.
In the long term NVIDIA is still in a better position than AMD since they're not continually losing money hand over fist, but it doesn't mean that these problems won't have ramifications in the future. NVIDIA wouldn't be the first company to shift around its product lines or slow down their R&D efforts in order to make a quarter or two look better, although for obvious reasons we hope it does not come to that. This much bad news at once is certainly unprecedented for NVIDIA.

Ouch, I hope they have a gtx280 successor just around the corner... or hopefully they can get the manufacturing cost down...

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