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Default Re: Rough Times All Around For The GPU Crew

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
I just don't see what's the problem. GTX280 smokes HD4870. I had HD4870 for one day at friends house. I just said remove this garbage...After playing with GTX280, HD4870 just felt terrible. I think a lot of crack heads are out there seeing HD4870 as really good fact blinded and happy about $300 they spent only.
Spoken like a true fanboy.

ATI is winning the price/performance war hands down. The days of $650 video cards needs to end for PC gaming to continue to prosper. ATI has put a lot of power in many peoples hands for cheap.

I can't speak for your experience with your "friend", but as an actual 4800 series owner, I couldn't be happier having a $180 card that performs better than yesterdays $600 card. It puts my old 8800 to shame in every test I have thrown at it. The true drivers for them have yet to surface as well. I keep GPUZ sensors running on my secondary display while gaming and have seen many cases of unoptimized GPU usage not putting it to 100%. When I see it at 100%, the game is typically flying because those 800SPs are doing their job.
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