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Default Re: Rough Times All Around For The GPU Crew

Originally Posted by hell_of_doom227 View Post
I just don't see what's the problem. GTX280 smokes HD4870. I had HD4870 for one day at friends house. I just said remove this garbage...After playing with GTX280, HD4870 just felt terrible. I think a lot of crack heads are out there seeing HD4870 as really good fact blinded and happy about $300 they spent only.
hell_of_doom227, don't you think that maybe your friend is an idiot and his system is setup poorly or maybe full or spam or has another bottleneck... you've posted this crap more than once and had a ton of people tell you you're full of bs - christ even look at all the reviews out there... get over it already or go try another 4870, just cause you had a bad experience with one doesn't mean they are like that...

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